Friday, December 21, 2012

How Loaded is the Chamber?

Do Legislators Have the Ammunition
and Street Level Information to Make the Right Decision?
 by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

The issues are simple and relate to one thing, safety for all!  

Subjects, gun control and mental health, which are like oil and water, they do not mix! It is not just schools that concern us, it is the workplace as well.  Violence has increased at an alarming rate and it seems, since we have introduced more social technology to communicate by, we have either silenced each other, or just plain non-communicated in a pleasant manner.  Our home lives are spilling over into everyday work and education environments.  

Domestic situations, which need our attention, have been ignored.  Family friends, fellow workers, you know someone or somebody that needs help, conversation and intervention.  

Do not let it slip by, it is these unknown quantities that become tomorrow's headlines.  Act Now!

It is the matter of guns being available without background checks that is causing the most concerns and with a little overtone of the mental health issues thrown in.  The waiting period at gun shows does not work for an instant sale and to boot, the backgrounds cannot be completed over the weekend.  If a restriction was placed on all gun shows, they would close and fade away like an old outdoor target.

There is an answer and it is not to stop gun sales, as guns do not kill people. people kill people.

Is there an answer?  Of course there is and Tracometry has an answer to appease all.  We shall be issuing this to government in the next few days and believe we shall have the answer accepted pending discussion. 

It is reported, only days after calling for a ban on assault weapons and help for the mentally ill, and on the day he is set to attend a summit on gun violence at St. Joe’s University, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced that he has been selected to serve on the President’s newly formed gun violence panel.
The panel will be led by Vice President Joe Biden. Ramsey was asked by Fox29 if he is confident that this tragedy in Newtown will be enough to encourage changes, and it will not be forgotten months later like so many other shootings, to which he replied:

Charles Ramsey is On President Obama’s Gun Violence Panel, Is Not Confident Changes Will Be Made

“Am I confident? No, I’m not, because I’ve seen this happen too many times. In the midst of tragedy, everyone is making comments, they’re crying, they’re praying, they’re doing all kinds of things. But then, a month later, it’s back to business as usual … I hope this is different. I’d like to be optimistic. We’ll see. But, you know, let’s see if they’re still having this conversation in February or March. That’s the key. And, unfortunately, once everything is over in Newtown, you know, we go right back to doing the same things we did before, which is pretty much nothing.

Trying to take something away is always hard and normally fails!  It is not a knee jerk reaction that is required on these issues, it is common logical smart thinking in a timely manner that needs to be at the top the list.

Washington cannot agree on taxes or spending cuts, what chance do you think they can do the right thing on guns and mental health?  Exactly!

So let the conversation begin...

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All...

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