Monday, December 17, 2012

Reflection and Moving Foward with Passion...

The Pied Piper Will Change Our Tunes...

The majority of Americans are against gun control of any sort.  Mass killings are a worldwide problem and whether it is a rock, knife, gun, rope or bomb, people who want to inflict death upon others will do so by whatever means they have at hand.  After or during the event, most take their own lives and we never know the real reasons for the outburst of mayhem.  Forensically, our law enforcement are given the task to breakdown the aftermath of the death and destruction.

Socially, America and the world are in dire straits and hurtling toward an out of control vortex or spiral.  They say knowledge is power, social media and video games being used by the masses, with the ability to hide behind video screens and inflict disgusting bullying and hatred have grown out of proportion and must be roped in to stop the connected slaughter. 

We have to take control with the laws we have on the books to liquidate this community of social problems.  Committees, inquiries and meetings will be a start, but not the final answer.  Time is not on our side and although we want it to "never" happen again, it will. It is action that is required with proven methods of the collection of information and the ability to react to this data immediately, placing solutions in the hands of all. 

Copycats are massing behind closed doors, planning on how they can do "one better", wanting the same or better publicity for their actions.  During this time, we have to be more aware and vigilant.  This is a time of telling others of our concerns about neighbors, co-workers, family members and friends.  This is not the time to think it is none of your concern, it is!

The Pied Piper Project (P3) has proven we can use the laws already on the books to remove the problems in very short periods, weeks, not multiple months.  It is a means to infiltrate communities with proven knowledge and data to stop these situations.

This is the "Reality" of NOW!  With gathered street level information from all sources allows us to pinpoint the problems.  It is our "Next Event Predictability" that gives us more than an edge on the upcoming problems.

Law enforcement wants your trust and assistance so they can gather this important data that makes the difference.  This is not the time to think you are a noisy neighborr, a snitch or a nark, it a time to share and STOP the diabolical event to become the Headlines of Evil.  

Tracometry and its partner, BAIR Analytic, want to assist in providing the platforms to make this change happen and work together toward a NeverLand.

WE are in the NOW and; KEEP YOU in the KNOW...

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