Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mental Gun Fight at the Education Corral...

We Must Stop Barrelling Down the Path of Dire Mental Health, Issues, Banning Guns or Arming More People...
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

The shootout has got to stop!  This is an issue that affects millions and millions of families and their children and will not be solved or resolved in the focus of a press camera or audio microphone.  It is about people, life and the freedoms we expect in America.  Ranting and raving by all concerned will get us nowhere fast!

Just step back, take a deep breath and get logical!

The discussion and solutions are regarding safety, guns and mental health and this cannot just be directed at schools, colleges and universities.  It is a problem where ever their is a gathering, public places, the workplace and the home.

"America’s most powerful gun lobby has demanded armed guards in the hallways of every school, declaring: “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun", so states the NRA (National Rifle Association.
The NRA had promised they would offer “meaningful contributions” to the national debate on firearms in their first public statements since the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school, where gunman Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and six adults.  It was not...

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City and a champion of gun control, described the press conference as "a shameful evasion of the crisis" facing the US.

"Instead of offering solutions to a problem they have helped create, they offered a paranoid, dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America where everyone is armed and no place is safe," he said.

Mr LaPierre (NRA), called on Congress to create a “national shield” of armed security guards in every single school in America by the time classes resume in January.

“What if when Adam Lanza started shooting his way in the Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, he’d been confronted by qualified armed security?” He said. “Will you at least admit it’s possible that that 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day?”

He warned that “the next Adam Lanza” was already planning an attack and said the government must create “an active national database of the mentally ill”.  There is no band-aid that will fix this!

He railed against “the press and political class consumed by fear and hatred” of gun owners and attacked the “callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry” of violent video games.

At one point, the press conference was shown a brief clip of an Internet game called “Kindergarten Killers”, where the user shoots at animated children.
“Isn’t fantasising about killing people as a way of getting your kicks really the filthiest form of pornography?”, Mr LaPierre said.

The NRA remains a potent force in US politics, donating millions of dollars to both Democrats and Republicans in order to secure their opposition to gun laws. More than half the members of the incoming Congress have received donations from the NRA during their political careers.

However, the group’s position appeared to be out of step with a growing number of Americans in support of gun control.

Mr Obama responded to a petition on the White House website that demanded tighter restrictions and had gained nearly 200,000 signatures.
“We hear you,” Mr Obama said in an online video. “I will do everything in my power as president to advance these efforts because if there’s even one thing we can do as a country to protect our children, we have a responsibility to try”.

Trying to make sense of grown men and women arguing to the point of hatred over children's safety, gun controls and shades of mental illness is sublime and ridiculous. 

Facts are facts, we have a problem Houston!   

Solutions are necessary and we must start by fessing up to the problems and stop the NIMBY attitude.  

  • There is a mental health problem in the USA and worldwide
  • Guns in the wrong hands, whether a mentally challeged person or a criminal is more than dangerous
  • Background checks on all legal purchases is a must
  • A strong gaterkeeper security principle must be put in place in all schools, colleges, universities, public event locations and to some extent, the workplace.  Which will include some armed guards, but not as the ultimate and only solution
  • Accept that Big Brother Solutions are the only answer, as nothing else in decades has worked
Our Tracometry experienced team has answers that are merited with discussion.  This is a time to think about all our futures and resolve immediately, without pause and delay.

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW...


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