Monday, December 17, 2012

Never, say Never Again...

Dolby created a clear concise ability to hear what the musicians created at the source, the studio. The Internet's so called Social Platforms does the complete opposite.  Every piece of interference, bad note, out of tune, mistake is amplified to a level of ignorance beyond sense. Sadly, the public buy it and make it "Top of the Charts".

It will never change! 

It is the individual filtering that has to occur and will only occur with "like-minded people.

Perfect example is the latest school shooting of children and teachers, so much conjecture and miss-information was circulated in seconds of the event and became the truth, or so even the media believed.

Last night, President Obama, stated it must "never" happen again.  Never is a wonderful word as a description, sadly it is an empty word, as the problems wil go on and on.

There is is no "Never, Never Land" only in J.M. Barrie's writings of "Peter Pan".  The world is full of evil "Captain Hook's" and "Tinkerbell" has no fairy dust to make this "interference go away.

It is the hands of the sane and trusted and that might only be a handful of people worldwide that have not been corrupted.  Going back to the roots of mankind will not change a thing as brother killed brother, poverty was rife and government taxed us all to beyond failure.  That is how we got here and continue the vicious circle of life.

So please fly with in your own air space and use the right equalizers and filters to navigate the continuing journey you have been sent upon and Never, say Never Again...

Nick Ashton