Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Welcome to the Most Unsocial Society and Why YOU are the Problem!

Welcome to the Most Unsocial Society 
and Why you are The problem!

Hateful, sadistic, bullying, downright disgusting and insightful are just a few descriptions of this phenomenon called Social Media.  Acceptance of these actions is commonplace and it seems everyone is involved in some form or another.

Hiding behind a keyboard, computer screen, Smart Phone and typing your sadistic comments on a situation, person or an event does nothing more than stir the mire and goad someone else to take drastic actions, including killing someone or encouraging somebody to commit suicide.  What happened to the quality of life?

The users of Facebook, Twitter and all other social so-called platforms in the majority, are ignorant of the effect of their positions on subjects, people, and situations.  It is those
lowlife morons that have no understanding of reality and the real meaning of their actions.  Parents are responsible or actually failing in understanding that teaching their child to use social media platforms to be hurtful and downright bullies have to stop.

It is this acceptability of being a nasty bastard that is literally killing society and everyone is thumbing by!

Thumbs and fingers of mindless morons are responsible for the downward spiral of society.  It is not just texting while driving that is a killer, it is words and actions of the bullies in business and the education system.  It is Time to clean up and have the full understanding of your actions.  It is nothing to smile about.

On the other side of the coin is the usefulness of social media.  Yes, it does bring us instant information that can of enormous use and we must weigh the benefits of such.

The other darker side is its use by criminals, drug dealers, and gangs.  Yes, they use it too! 

Public Safety Departments are thankful to CommSmart Global with our ability to reach right inside all social media platforms, those the public are familiar with and those used in the most devious ways.   With our proprietary Social Medium Intelligence (SMI) and full analytical solutions, this ability to reach inside social mediums, blogs, websites, chat rooms and scrape through every single word, subject matter and conversation and the full narrative are beyond any other's capability within security circles. 

It starts with our Atmospheric Noise Collection, Chatter on the Streets, in which we collect the current chatter of people, in all circles of life and this highlights the direction that we now sort through the thumbing information that is being spread by individuals.  This is the part of the most in-depth policing tool-set available to law enforcement today.  We tested on the plains of war, the terror of the streets and so-called society of cities.  

Nothing gets by us, keeping everyone in the communication circle of fire in real time.  This enables law enforcement to be on top of the communications between groups and individuals and act upon the details.

No one is left out of our capabilities and brings the safety factor beyond expectation.

Those cities with exceptional murder rates, drug trafficking, robberies, burglaries and unsocial instability, fear no more, CommSmart Global has the solution, do you?

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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