Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Anyone who made a deal, made an enemy.

Anyone who made a deal made an enemy.
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

It is not just about the ego of the closing of the deal, it is in all that we do.

Since civilization communicated, weather, smoke signals, drums, the carrier pigeon or even the 'message in a bottle', never has there been so much vindictiveness as of today.

The 'Close' or the 'crossing of the line', it is all about the 'win'.  Cheating, using unethical means is not something new, social or unsocial media is now a weapon of low life choice.  Taking an issue which they really do not have all the information or knowledge of, then expanding and exploiting for devious, bullying means is now common practice.

Threatening writings or gestures are the new bullying ego trip. Those with a cause are using this means, just like the cyber scammers with pathetic emails of possible fortunes to give you. They rely on the naivety of the few and exploit their vulnerability.

Just like the ACLU and those entrenched in using history to place fear regarding heritage or ethnic concerns, like slavery, racial tension or color of skin at the forefront of society to further their cause.  Sadly they are doing more harm when the lies are revealed!

Now we have an even closer concern of the LGBT world.  It should be a separate concern, this transgender or transitioning is or should be a private matter and has no place in the spotlight.  Though, there are those that believe by making it an issue or blowing out of proportion with so-called incidents, without all the 'real' facts being known, is a social concern.

I will not discuss the latest attempt to draw attention and try and ruin a city and it's residents with lies and exaggerations.  The potential damage, in fact, will backfire and the mess will be rather annoying for the fools who think bt protesting and causing social disruption will be a stain on what should be an 'open' issue and not one of lies and innuendo.

Just think for yourself how it uses to be and not the unsocial turmoil attempts by sad miscreants who have no class.

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