Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Knife, Not a Stab in the Dark, It is a Growing Global Killer Spreading

Not a Stab in the Dark
It is a Growing Global Killer Spreading

As we have seen over the last few weeks and months, the knife is a killer!

The knife, shiv, dagger or even a formed object in the shape of the blade, use to stab someone with intent to do bodily harm or kill.  There use has been around since man was still in his rock cave.  Firstly used in hunting to kill an animal and from there we went to killing your enemy or a disliked person.  The knife is not just used for the kill, it maims and scars, the latter is to show others to be warned.

If you want to kill or maim, the knife is silent, concealable and effective.
Europe has suffered increased attacks way before ISIS was headlined dripped in blood.  It is far easier to obtain a knife or something honed from an object than purchasing a gun.  The power of the knife is all on the wrist and positioning.  Close proximity is required which in most cases is the element of surprise.

Great Britain was forced to issue ‘Stab Vests’ to all law enforcement officers with the influx of immigrants and refugees from Europe over the last twenty years.  The knife is their weapon of choice in most fights or arguments.  It
is a natural part of these people’s code of aggression.  It has increased dramatically over the last two years and not stopping there.

Along with the knife, domestic violence against women has escalated beyond belief.  These immigrants and refugees are a different culture, mindset and have no respect for the female in society, she is owned, subservient and abused.  If Muslim, they are governed by their faith, which includes Sharia law, which cannot be a part of any nation’s law other than one that is of the Muslim faith.

America, you are already witnessing an increase of these issues, knifing and domestic violence which is growing by leaps and bounds.  San Diego County, California has taken in more refugees than any other region of California for the past seven years, according to state data.  It has also brought underlying problems that are not being addressed due to financial issues.

What do you know about these people?  There is no data and today we have to have the data to be able to address the concerns.  Not just criminal, education or health information which impacts us all.  As we are seeing in the decline of what was great communities and cities something is missing and must be addressed with solid information.

Do you let total strangers into your home?  Of course, you don’t!  If they are with a good friend, then you trust your friend’s judgment, who has already vetted these people and cleared the way for bringing to your home.  This is not happening by the Federal Government,  States, Counties, and Cities are accepting these people without any knowledge whatsoever.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner, is concerned regarding information that must be available to make the difference and has done something about it!

Today’s communication of choice is the Smartphone and not used for just making phone calls, it is a camera and a texting tool.  It is a more powerful tool than NASA had to go to the moon.

Social communications have been revolutionized by our thumbs!  The information that flies from our fingers and thumbs is at hyper speed and a volume that as individuals cannot be kept up with.  

CommSmart’s Social Media Monitoring can!  It is not going to stop there, it is our analytic capabilities and international expertise that places us apart from all.

We created Atmospherics, just like in sunlight you see particles floating in the air, that also represents information, data, and chatter, that is all important to us all and you.

The passion of the team combines ex-U.K. Metropolitan Police Officers, European Cybercrime enforcers, Change Agents, American Law Enforcement Commanders, Chiefs of Police, and IT Innovators who, have worked hand in hand to fearlessly introduced over the last twenty years a near perfect and combined social media monitoring, crime mapping, crime analytics and predictive analysis with the databases bringing both the largest public global database, local, state, county and city real-time street-level criminal information.  

Now at the fingertips of those that protect and serve.  Law enforcement is people and people are the police and vice versa.

Law enforcement has radically changed since the days of Sir Robert Peel and his Nine Peelian Principles, though, they are the basis of policing and when connected to strategic technology and change agency, times change for the betterment of all, this includes of course community and law enforcement agencies. 

That is the CommSmart Way!

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