Friday, May 29, 2015

Springing Into The Criminal Summer Of Discontent!

Springing Into The Criminal Summer Of Discontent!
by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO CommSmart Global

Violation of your property, your home, business, the place you live, sleep and in the case of your business, where you work every single day.

What are the safety factors against the major increase in burglary of residences and businesses during the Spring and Summer months?

Community law enforcement officers are constantly telling the homeowners and businesses of the issues and how they need to protect themselves.  In the majority of cases it falls on deaf ears.  Selective hearing kicks in, until it happens to those that have been ignoring the possibility and it has now become a reality.

It is a "YOU" problem!  It is YOUR house and goods and chattels, YOUR business and tools to do your daily job, so it is YOU that needs to protect those things that are precious to you and required to earn a living. 

It is gangs of adults (young men) who are cultivating relationships with much younger teens to train them to break-in to neighborhood residences whilst most people are at work.  Then at night, they turn their ill gotten criminal education and successes to vulnerable businesses.  It is the Fagan Syndrome, for those who read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

They walk through neighborhoods wearing a backpack and looking like school kids just passing through.  Far from it! They are scouting the area and planning on the house which looks unoccupied and an easy target.  

They go to a target house front door, knocking or ringing the bell, when there is no answer, they either kick in the front door or go round back, breaking the glass sliding door. They are prepared to ransack your house and have garbage bags in the backpacks, which they fill with your personal possessions and will sell for drugs etc.  

Importantly who are buying the stolen property and continuing the criminal cycle? 

Are you ready for the nightmare?  

So you have an alarm system, all that tells you is that someone has got into your house and in most cases does not stop them.  It is a matter of time that the lowlife criminal has to glean valuables and disrupt your life.  It is same for a business burglary as well.  Police response times are growing and the thieves know this.

Law enforcement will come and take your report and the hopes of a satisfactory solution as it stands, is slim to none!

If you would only be proactive in protecting your property, not leaving valuables in your car.  Not leaving the garage door opener a computer/briefcase inside your vehicle.  It is anything of value to you that they want and you oblige all the time!

I do not know why I am telling you this, as you do not listen and only complain when it happens to you and it will.

Your community liaison officers are there to help, assist and advise.  It will only make a change if you put into action what they recommend and honestly, it is not expense to enact logic! 

Don't come crying to law enforcement when it happens to YOU!

Talk to me regarding how the Pied Piper Project will make a difference in your community.  This is solid advice amassed and proven over decades regarding the issues by professionals.  This is not trying to replace you community liaison officer or your police department, it is there to enhance your proactivity.

Pure protection for your neighborhood and community.


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